A Guide to Vegan Breakfast Cereals

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You might wonder…

What makes a breakfast cereal NOT vegan?

Sadly some cereals out there still contain added dairy (whey powder, milk, yoghurt) or honey. Often cereals are also fortified with Vitamin D, derived from lanolin – which is sheep’s wool! Thankfully, there are vegan-friendly, plant-based Vitamin D sources in use as well nowadays. However, always make sure to read the ingredience list, and if in doubt check with the manufacturer. Find out more by visiting our 10 Things you need to know about Vitamin D post.

Plenty of vegan cereals for all tastes

Our following list is by no means exhaustive, but it will give you some great ideas and tips as where to find what. We recommend to always double-check the ingredients, as changes in manufacturing can happen quickly and often unannounced. If you’re still looking for that perfect dairy-free milk, make sure to visit our Vegan’s Guide to Plant Milk!

Supermarket Own Brands (UK)


  • Harvest Moon Multigrain Shapes, Multigrain Hoops, Chocolate Pillows, Choco Orange Cereal Pillows, Cinnamon Chips, Fruit & Fibre, Protein Wheat Biscuits (including Chocolate Flavour), Fruit Wheats (Raisin, Blueberry, and Apricot), Wheat Shreds, Wheat Bisks Crispy Bites (Chocolate Chip), Crisp Cereal (Strawberry), Instant Oats (including Golden Syrup Flavour), Malted Wheaties
  • Everyday Essentials Porridge Oats


  • Strawberry Crisp, Maple & Peacan Crisp
  • Special Flakes, Red Fruit Special Flakes
  • Malted Wheaties
  • Bran Flakes, Sultana Bran, High Bran
  • Wheat Bisks, Chocolate Wheat Bisks
  • Free From Coco Snaps, Rice Snaps, Rainbow Hoops, Frosted Flakes, Special Flakes, Corn Flakes
  • Scottish Porridge Oats, Jumbo British Porridge Oats, Coconut Flavour Porridge Oats


  • Fruit & Fibre
  • Bran Flakes, Sultana Bran
  • Wholewheat Biscuits
  • Irresistaible Scottish Jumbo Rolled Oats

M &S

  • Wholegrain Wheat Bisks
  • Malted Wheats, Blueberry Wheats, Apricot Wheats
  • Bran Flakes
  • Traditional British Porridge Oats
  • Apple, Cinnamon & Sultana Porridge
  • Plant Kitchen Vegan Golden Syrup Flavour Porridge


  • Fruit & Fibre
  • Bran Flakes
  • Wheat Biscuits (including Saver’s Brand)
  • The Best Scottish Oats
  • Free From Porridge Oats


  • Cornflakes, Frosted Flakes
  • So Organic Cornflakes
  • Wholegrain Sultana Bran
  • Wheat Biscuits
  • Deliciously Free From Oats
  • Puffed Wheat
  • Maple & Peacon Crisp
  • Mini Cinnamon Buns (Limited Edition)
  • Sweet Cinnamon Porridge


  • Malt Wheats, Choco Malt Wheats
  • Wheat Biscuits
  • Strawberry Crisp, Nut & Maple Crisp, Chocolate Crisp
  • Grower’s Harvest Porridge Oats
  • Organic Porridge Oats
  • Scottish Oats Porridge


  • Essential High Fibre Bran
  • Wholewheat Biscuits
  • Malted Wheats, Apricot Wheats, Blueberry Wheats, Essential No Added Sugar Raising Wheats
  • LOVELife Toasted Rice & Wheat Flakes, Red Fruit Toastes Rice & Wheat Flakes
  • Essential Original Instant Oats, Essential Porridge Oats, Porridge Oats with Wheat-Bran, Dutch Organic Jumbo Rolles Oats, Free From Porridge Oats, Free From Rolled Porridge Oats

Commercial Brands (UK)


  • Fruit ‘n’ Fibre
  • Just Right
  • Plain Wheats, Raisin Wheats
  • Rice Krispies Multigrain Shapes Kids Blueberry & Apple, Strawberry & Apple


  • Weetabix (including Organic), Chocolate, Banana, Golden Syrup
  • Oatibix

Natrue’s Path

  • Organic Gluten Free Maple Sunrise, Gluten Free Mesa Sunrise

Whole Earth

  • Organic Corn Flakes, Maple Frosted Organic Flakes
  • Oaty Organic Cocoa Crunch,

Freee by Doves Farm

  • Organic Fibre Flakes, Fruit & Fibre Flakes
  • Organic Gluten Free Cereal Flakes
  • Organic Gluten Free Supergrain Hoops


  • Alphabites Multigrain Cereal, Cocoa Cereal


  • Shredded Wheat Original, Bitesize, Fruity Bites Red Berries
  • Shreddies including The Frosted One
  • Go Free Gluten Free Corn Flakes, Gluten Free Rice Pops


  • Kavanagh’s Organic Porridge Oats
  • Brochan Scottish Porridge Oats 
  • Mornflake Oatbran, Creamy Superfast Oats, Mighty Oats Organic Porridge Oats
  • Quaker Vibrant Oats Forest Fruits, Summer Fruits, Rolled Oats, Jumbo Rolled Oats, Ultimate Extra Thick Porridge Oats
  • Nairn’s Scottish Porridge Oats, Gluten Free Blueberry Oats Your Way, Gluten Free Apple & Cinnamon Oats Your Way
  • Scott’s Original Scottish, Old Fashioned Porridge Oats
  • Flahavans Irish Quick Oats
  • Moma Peanut Butter & Maple Syrup Porridge, Raspberry, Chia & Pumpkin Seeds Porridge
  • The Great British Porridge Co. Blueberry & Banana, Strawbery & Peanut, Red Berry & Pumpkin Seed, Chocolate, Cafe Latte, High Protein/Low Sugar

Learn more

Visit the following webpages to learn more about where to find vegan cereals and other foods across UK supermarkets:

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