Simple Roast Dinner

Simple Roast Dinner

It’s pretty easy to create a delicious vegan roast dinner from ready mades! Here’s the low-down…

Roast – they tend to come in three types


Roast Potatoes – Aunt Bessie’s Roasts (avoid the duck/goose fat type!) and other supermarket own-brands are vegan, but not all, so ask
Side Veg – frozen are usually vegan, just check there’s no added dairy (butter, milk etc) – do the same with ready-prepped, chilled veg too
Gravy – Lots of dried varieties are vegan, eg Sainsbury’s Vegetarian Gravy Mix – green tub; Bisto red tub; Free & Easy free-from gravy mix in a tub. Free and Easy also make a ready-to heat liquid Caramelised Red Onion Gravy!


Gluten free
Wheat free
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Total time

30-60 minutes


  • mains




  • Roast of choice
  • Roast potatoes and other roasting veg of choice
  • Side vegetables
  • Gravy


  1. Choose your roast. Read the packet instructions re time, cooking methods and oven temperature.
    1. Dried packet type
    2. Frozen roasts
    3. Meat alternative whole roast
  2. Do the same for the potatoes and any other oven-cooked vegetables, eg roast veg assortment
  3. Choose your side vegetables and calculate steamery or microwave time.
  4. Gravy. Choose the type then check how long it will take – and how you make it, eg heat up in a pan, mix in a jug with boiling water etc.
  5. Now switch on the oven(s) to the necessary temperature, assemble cooking equipment, eg roasting trays, saucepans, cooking and serving spoons, measuring spoons, fish slice, knife, kettle, measuring jug plus oil and salt.
  6. Cook it all up, heat up the dinner plates, lay the table, serve and eat!

Optional extras / notes

  • Timings depend on the type of roast used – and most of this will be oven based so fairly hassle-free!


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